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Wildcraft Bakery

Since 2012, when I found out I couldn't eat wheat, I have struggled to overcome my addiction to cake, bread and biscuits. In recent years the mass market has done an admirable job of catching up where the biscuits are concerned but bread and cake have still been horribly hit and (mostly) miss.

At Wildcraft Bakery we refuse to be denied our guilty pleasures by our digestive systems! All the produce we make is gluten free. We also make Artisan sourdough bread, cakes & savouries that are vegetarian, vegan, sugar free and allergen conscious: because everyone should eat cake!

In October, we will also be moving the bakery out of my home and into a dedicated gluten free Bakery at the Penraevon Industrial Estate in Meanwood, Leeds. This move is in partnership with The Real Junk Food Project and half of the bakery unit will be set up to be a preserving centre for fruits and vegetables that may otherwise have ended up going to landfill. We're all about feeding bellies not bins!






In my other life I am a professional forager and use seasonal wild herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, nuts & berries in my products. As a result the products on offer will vary through the year and for some seasonal products, once they're gone: they're gone until next year.

I believe that knowing more about our food and getting closer to nature is the key to leading a healthier, more sustainable life.  I know that since I started foraging, I have been more in tune with the world around me than I ever was before.

None of my recipes use artificial colours or flavours unless specifically requested.


"This is the best cake I have ever eaten. Without qualification"

— A lady from a family of bakers


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